APS introduces its new Advanced Decoding System

Wallingford, CT, USA – 14 October, 2016 - APS Technology, Inc. announced the introduction of a new Advanced Decoding System (ADS) which represents a significant improvement in decoding capability, and will also be the platform for introducing higher data rate service when coupled with APS’s Gen5 HDR Pulser. The new platform is PC based with a simple yet powerful user interface that allows the operator to quickly see noise and modify filters to improve signal to noise ratio and decoding in difficult situations. Additional features allow the user to replay the pressure signal enabling the recovery of data with improved filtering, as well as allowing for forced sync’s and FID’s.

SureShot 7, ADS software, and APS Plot are included at no extra charge with the purchase of any new APS Surface System (PN 60500-xxx). The new surface system features a more powerful Laptop for optimum system performance. For customers that purchase surface systems without laptops (PN 60500-513), you will be able to obtain a software license for one laptop per surface system purchased.

APS has qualified the following laptop to run ADS:
· HP EliteBook 850 G3
· 15.6” screen
· Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system with .NET 4.5 or greater
· Intel Core i7 Processor
· 2.60 GHz Processor Speed; 8GB of RAM
· 256 GB SSD solid state hard drive
· Auxiliary HD Monitor Size: 27”, Full HD (1920 x 1080), Static contrast ratio: 1,000:1, Response time: ≤5ms, with HDMI input

A two-day training class is required to operate ADS and make use of its powerful features. ADS operates with SureShot Control Center (SSCC) version 7.020 or higher. This new version of SSCC requires a valid license. SSCC 7, ADS software and APS Plot will operate for 30 days on a trial basis. After the trial periods, a one-time licensing fee is required to receive a permanent license for the computer for SSCC 7, APS Plot and for ADS software. Pricing for one-time licensing fee is shown in the table below.

Friday, October 14, 2016

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