Downhole Drilling Optimization Software

APS Technology now offers a suite of drilling optimization applications that helps operators and drilling companies save time and money on well construction and operation. We are the only mid-sized provider to offer a comprehensive well drilling optimization solution, the industry-leading SureDrill-Optimizer system. SureDrill-Optimizer is a drilling optimization service that combines:

  • Drill string modeling and analysis (pre-well and real time)
  • Drilling optimization based on real-time surface and downhole data
  • Pre-well offset analysis of previously drilled wells – can identify known drilling issues and select the best drilling setpoints for each formation
  • Post-well analysis

SureDrill-Optimizer can be set up either as an on-site service or as a remote service. As a remote service, the data is transmitted back to a technology center or customer's office. For wells drilled in new regions, where there is little or no history, SureDrill-Optimizer quickly identifies the best drilling practices. SureDrill-Optimizer helps avoid and mitigate drilling dysfunction that can lead to unplanned trips.