WellDrill™ Drill String Modeling & Analysis Software

SureDrill™-Apps: WellDrill™

APS’s WellDrill™ software package provides valuable analytical tools for downhole drilling equipment. Data from standard run sheets provide the necessary input. Output data are presented graphically for ease of interpretation. A comprehensive analysis can be completed within minutes.


Designing downhole equipment

Establishing tool build rate limits

Analyzing failures

The complete WellDrill package includes the following modules:

  • BHABend™ – Bottom Hole Assembly (“BHA”) bending analysis giving deflections, side loads, bending moments and nominal stress
  • BHAVib™ – BHA critical speed analysis
  • BHAPredict™ – Predicts the drill ahead drilling tendency of the BHA


  • Calculates side forces and contact points based on the inclination, weight on bit and build rate
  • Predicts buckling within the borehole
  • Provides required input data for BHAVib & BHAPredict analyses


  • Predicts lateral, axial and torsional critical drilling speeds, enabling reduced vibration damage while increasing ROP
  • Displays the deflected mode shapes and natural frequencies
  • Predicts drill string response to excitation forces developed by the bit, mud motors and drill string rotation


  • Predicts 3-D drilling tendencies for various types of drilling, including standard rotary drilling, directional drilling with motors and rotary steerable tools
  • Calculates the difference between inclinations and azimuth at the bit, compared to what the MWD sensor sees at a given distance from the bit
  • Includes effect on drilling tendencies due to formation dip angle