SureSteer™ Drilling Systems - Rotary Steerable Systems

More than MWD!

APS’s SureSteer™ family of drilling systems products currently includes a pair of dependable, versatile rotary steerable systems: SureSteer-RSM® and SureSteer-RSS™. The RSM includes a motor section integrated with the steering head, maximizing horsepower at the bit, while the RSS steering head is tightly integrated with APS’s MWD system and is targeted for more aggressive build/turn rates and maximized drillstring speed. RSS can be run either directly within a rotary BHA or below a positive displacement motor (PDM).

Our rotary steerable systems utilize proven “Push-the-Bit” steering technology. Designed for directional drilling applications throughout the world, the APS SureSteer Rotary Steerable tools provide “major service company” rotary steerable system functionality with the straightforward directional control procedures used with steerable motors. Utilizing APS’s proprietary control systems, SureSteer can be programmed to use a closed-loop feedback system for vertical or tangent angle control, or to operate with surface-supplied instructions to efficiently drill any directional well plan.

APS Rotary Steerable Drilling Systems