SureShot™ MWD Systems – Measurement While Drilling

APS offers two basic SureShot™ fixed-mount MWD systems: Mud Pulse (MP) telemetry and Electro-Magnetic (EM) telemetry. Choose between the toughest top-mounted pulser in the industry and an innovative EM transmitter that both utilize the same highly reliable MWD system building blocks.

These MWD systems allow our customers to configure directional-only or directional gamma MWD systems, and both provide the platform for the addition of all of APS’s advanced LWD systems. Outside of the respective transmission modules, all main system components are common to both MP and EM systems. These include flow (hang-off) subs, battery module, MWD directional sensor (with microcontroller) and gamma module. The EM system also includes the APS gap sub. This allows APS customers to easily switch between telemetry types with minimal investment in additional equipment, permitting flexible deployment to suit the end customer’s drilling program. These platforms also support easy upgrades to higher-level LWD services.

MP MWD can be used in most wells, with all types of drilling fluids – even with high LCM tolerance. APS MP has delivered great MWD service, recently to a TVD of 24,794 ft (7,554 m) with 100% decoding. For high ROP situations, underbalanced drilling, foam or air drilling and extreme lost circulation conditions, APS's EM MWD offers a great alternative.

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