MWD Surface System Hardware

APS’s SureShot™ MWD family includes our modular approach to building MWD decoding and logging systems according to your business’s changing needs.

The base model of our expandable SureShot surface system is the Sensor Interface Unit 2 (SIU 2), which includes everything needed to measure, filter, decode, display, store, retrieve, transmit and remotely access data for basic survey jobs. A separate PC and rig floor display can be added when needed for full directional MWD capability, and a depth tracking system (DTS) SIU 2 retrofit and Printrex plotter can be added for LWD service, when required.

SureShot’s intuitive, menu-based operating system allows you to lock-out some parameter changes while allowing the field engineer to still make necessary adjustments on the job. SureShot systems are available in both “ruggedized” and “lite” versions.

SureShot™ Modular MWD System