Electromagnetic Telemetry MWD System


The APS SureShot™ EM telemetry MWD system communicates by transmitting electromagnetic waves through the formation instead of pressure pulses through a fluid column. Benefits include time saved by transmitting surveys during a connection, high data rates and the ability to operate in conditions where mud pulse telemetry cannot.

SureShot EM is compatible with all APS downhole sensors. The electromagnetic transmitter uses the same flow subs and is a drop-in alternative for the mud pulse transmitter, having many parts in common with the SureShot mud pulse MWD system. Operators benefit from reduced inventory cost and increased flexibility when providing a mix of EM and mud pulse MWD services.


High ROP drilling with frequent surveys

High data density LWD and drilling optimization applications

Underbalanced drilling

Foam and air drilling

Extreme lost circulation conditions

SureShot EM is a state-of-the art system with a downhole tool featuring two-way electromagnetic communication. The sequence and frequency of transmitted measurements is EM downlink selectable. Whether it's a higher density log to pick a casing point, more pressure measurements for drilling optimization or emphasis on directional measurements while sliding, SureShot EM enables the operator to quickly choose the optimum data sequence for the drilling operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Data rates up to 12 bps.

  • High-power 50 W transmitter for two-way EM communication.

  • Downhole selectable data sequences – choose the optimum combination of directional, LWD and pressure measurements for the drilling operation.

  • EM Downlinking – Quickly adjust power, bit rate, carrier frequency and telemetry sequences for the conditions.

  • Plug-and-play compatibility with APS SureShot downhole and surface equipment.

  • Operates with batteries or turbine alternator for extended bit runs and high current draw applications.

  • Unique rugged, reliable dual gap sub.

  • WPR™ resistivity compatible.

  • Fixed-mount and retrievable configurations are available.

  • Depth tracking options include the SureShot Depth Tracker, the SureShot mud pulse SIU and WITS.


  • Quad-channel digital surface receiver to rapidly select the best signal from among 4 antenna pairs as the well progresses.

  • Gap sub is a dual-gap design for added reliability.

  • Ceramic sleeves prevent loss of power due to arcing.

  • No coating to wear and arc.

  • Dual insulator rings for greater reliability.

  • Higher power to the formation due to gap distance.