MWD Rotary Pulser – Mud Pulse Transmitter


APS's patented Rotary Pulser* is the toughest, most advanced mud pulse transmitter in the industry. Our pulser chews through LCM content that would choke any other pulser over a wide range of mud weights and conditions and is the cornerstone of SureShot™ mud pulse telemetry MWD system.

Our commitment to continuous improvement has increased reliability and decreased power consumption in our pulser, which offers a reliable, economical alternative to pulsers from other OEMs. Crossovers to other popular MWD systems are available, or they can be custom designed.

Features & Benefits

  • Easily switch between fixed-mount and retrievable configurations, which are consistent in basic design and construction and provide extremely reliable service.

  • Designed to operate with batteries or turbine alternator.

  • Adjustable pulse width and magnitude makes the pulser adaptable to all flow rates, depths and mud weights and expands the range of reliable operation.


  • Easily convertible between pulser sizes from 3.125 in. (79 mm) to 9.5 in. (241 mm) O.D. for reliable operation in any hole size, plus reduced inventory.

  • All materials are highly wear-resistant to provide exceptional reliability and service life in demanding drilling environments.

  • Ultra-reliable, high-efficiency DC brushless motor and controller can run thousands of hours without a failure. The motor/controller combo is 30% more efficient when pulsing and consumes 1/3 the quiescent power of the previous generation.

  • Oscillating, self-cleaning rotary motor for reliable operation in high LCM concentrations.

  • Open flow path with no screens to plug; enhances reliability in wells with poor solids control.

  • Tungsten carbide flow surfaces exhibit superior fluid erosion properties, extending component life and reducing service costs.