Non-metallic Modular Oven for Testing Downhole Sensors

APS offers a unique Non-metallic Oven that is designed to test downhole sensors at temperature, in a manner that allows them to operate in an environment conducive to their calibration. And optional cooling unit allows the test temperature to be cycled more rapidly and accurately, and it also shortens overall test times.

Features & Benefits

  • A typical MWD/LWD sub can be brought to 347°F (175°C) in less than four hours.

  • Programmable electronic controllers for each heater allow the temperature and the rate of heating or cooling to be closely regulated.

  • Can be cooled down from maximum temperature in less than 5 to 7 hours (dependent on test tool mass) using optional cooling unit; cooling ramp is also smoother, improving data sampling during cool down

  • Wire access is provided to allow the item under test to be powered and operating during the heating.

  • Capable of supporting test pieces weighing up to 4,500 lbs.


  • All metallic components are at the extreme ends of the oven, leaving the test area free of conductive material.

  • The test piece is supported 3 ft above the floor and any conductive rebar, etc.

  • Constructed from 6-ft fiberglass sections; length can be adjusted to fit the size of the tool to be tested.

  • Top sections are light and easily removable to allow access to any part of the tool under test.

  • A combination of internal and external heater-blowers allows the temperature to be kept uniform during heating and avoid unwanted gradients.