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APS Technology Announces SureDrill-IPDT Intelligent Performance Drilling Tool

Rebrand of Active Vibration Damper (AVD) Reflects the Tool’s Myriad of Drilling Features

Wallingford, CT, USA –

APS Technology, Inc., today announces the rebranding of its active vibration damper tool (AVD) to the standalone SureDrill-IPDT™ or Intelligent Performance Drilling Tool. This device addresses numerous drilling challenges to the degree the company felt it warranted a name change that better reflected those additional capabilities.

William Turner, CEO of APS Technology, said, “We are excited to relaunch AVD as the Intelligent Performance Drilling Tool (SureDrill-IPDT). The new name conveys the device’s proven ability to actively mitigate a myriad of adverse drilling conditions, improve ROP and enhance overall drilling performance.”

SureDrill-IPDT provides:

  • Demonstrated 50% improvements in rate of penetration (ROP)
  • 2x bit life in the field due to reduced vibration
  • Better contact for the bit in the formation
  • Increased drilling efficiency and performance

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