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APS Technology, Inc. announces the availability of iDNSC™ and iPZIG™

Wallingford, CT, USA – May 07, 2018

APS Technology, Inc. (“APS”) today announced the addition of Imaging Density Neutron Standoff Caliper (“iDNSCTM”) and Imaging Pay Zone Inclination Gamma (“iPZIGTM”) sensor technology to its product portfolio. The iDNSC and the near bit iPZIG, originally developed and marketed under the Pathfinder brand, are proven technologies and the measurements they deliver are accepted by operators worldwide. Through a licensing agreement with Schlumberger, APS will manufacture, supply and support iDNSC and iPZIG as fully integrated elements of APS’ SureLog™ LWD and SureSteer-RSS systems. APS is now positioned to offer customers full “Quad Combo” capability by combining iDNSC with APS’ Wave Propagation Resistivity (“WPRTM”) and Full Wave Sonic LWD sensors (“FWSTM”). . Denis Biglin, APS’ Sr. Executive Vice President said, “We are very pleased to bring iDNSC and iPZIG to the independent sales marketplace and to be able to provide these key opportunity generating technologies to present and future customers.”

About APS Technology

APS Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of Measurement While Drilling (MWD); Logging While Drilling (LWD); Rotary Steerable Systems (RSS); Drilling Systems and Drilling Optimization and Vibration Management products for oil and gas drilling. APS has deep engineering expertise in the design, development and manufacture of oilfield electronic, mechanical, instrumentation, sensor and software products; shock and vibration isolation designs; stress analysis for static and rotating conditions; and mechanical and electronics analysis for harsh environments. APS's customers include all of the major integrated multinational oilfield service companies, service divisions of national oil companies, independent directional drilling companies, MWD service companies and oilfield companies engaged in non-drilling related services. APS also provides product development services and proprietary products to customers worldwide.

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