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APS Technology to attend the 2019 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston Texas Booth 4005

Wallingford, CT, USA – April 30, 2019

When visiting OTC this year, make APS technology a must visit for the latest information and technology on how to improve your drilling operations. With so many exciting product introductions and customer success stories this year, let our management team show you how APS can add value to your organization for years to come. Below are just a few exciting announcements from the past year:

New Additions

APS Technology has added the Imaging Density Neutron Standoff Caliper (“iDNSC™”) and Imaging Pay Zone Inclination Gamma (“iPZIG™”) sensor technology to its product portfolio.

APS is now positioned to offer customers full “Quad Combo” capability by combining iDNSC with APS’ Wave Propagation Resistivity (“WPR™”) and Full Wave Sonic LWD sensors (“FWS”).

APS has announced the standalone SureDrill-IPDT™ or Intelligent Performance Drilling Tool. This device addresses numerous drilling challenges and has proven its ability to actively mitigate a myriad of adverse drilling conditions, improve ROP and enhance overall drilling performance.”

SureDrill-IPDT provides:

  • Demonstrated 50% improvements in rate of penetration (ROP)
  • 2x bit life in the field due to reduced vibration
  • Better contact for the bit in the formation
  • Increased drilling efficiency and performance

APS Clear Path Support Program - specifically designed for independents and drilling companies. APS is proud to introduce the ClearPath customer support program, specifically designed to provide you with clear and concise information throughout the entire purchasing cycle. From engineering and on-site support to defined upgrade paths, APS Technology will help you make the critical decisions needed to assure success for years to come.

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Success Stories

Precise steering to 4110m

APS’s deployment of the SureSteer-RSS™ 475 Rotary Steerable System with the SureLog WPR™ Wave Propagation Resistivity, SureShot™ Gamma Sensor, and SureShot™ Digital Directional Sensor in Western Siberia.

The section to well total depth at 4110m was precisely geo-steered with the SureLog WPR™ Wave Propagation Resistivity, SureShot™ Gamma Sensor, SureShot™ Digital Directional Sensor, and near-bit inclination measurements, varying and controlling the inclination between 90.8° and 87.5° within the target payzone.

SB Directional completes successful lateral section at 4500’

SB Directional has completed their first geo-steered lateral using the APS WPR resistivity LWD tools. This 4500’ lateral evaluated the Woodford shale and Kinderhook formations in Dewey County, OK. The job, supported by both APS Technology and SB Directional personnel, had zero downtime associated with the WPR tool strings and also utilized the new APS Advanced Decoding System (ADS), which provided excellent / trouble free decoding. Gamma ray along with both 400 kHz and 2 MHz phase WPR resistivity measurements were telemetered to provide deep depths of investigation and early bed boundary detection for geo-steering.

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RSS Rotary Steerable System

About APS Technology

APS Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of Measurement While Drilling (MWD); Logging While Drilling (LWD); Rotary Steerable Systems (RSS); Drilling Systems and Drilling Optimization and Vibration Management products for oil and gas drilling. APS has deep engineering expertise in the design, development and manufacture of oilfield electronic, mechanical, instrumentation, sensor and software products; shock and vibration isolation designs; stress analysis for static and rotating conditions; and mechanical and electronics analysis for harsh environments. APS's customers include all of the major integrated multinational oilfield service companies, service divisions of national oil companies, independent directional drilling companies, MWD service companies and oilfield companies engaged in non-drilling related services. APS also provides product development services and proprietary products to customers worldwide.

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