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IPDT continues to provide great value to drilling operations in Norway

Wallingford, CT, USA –

IPDT continues to provide great value to drilling operations in Norway.

Jim Lilleskare, sales engineer with PSW our channel partner in Norway provided an update on the success their customers are having with the IPDT. 

Halliburton, the Directional Drilling contractor for Aker / BP on the Ula field, reports achieving record results on the A11 SEFI well.  They drilled a 3406m 12 ¼ tangent section with an iCruiseTM RSS LWD BHA that included a 9 ½” IPDTTM.  Saleh Ashrafov, Halliburton’s Project Leader, commented that this was the longest 12 ¼ tangent section in the field.

After setting casing, Halliburton successfully drilled the 8 ½’’ section in one run, through a complex trajectory horizontal section with several calcite cemented stringers. This 1404m section was the longest 1 run       8 ½’’ horizontal interval in Ula.  The A11 was also the Longest Extended Reach well drilled in Ula field at 7320m MD.  Saleh said the 7” IPDTTM tool provided active vibration dampening, which allowed for a smoother drilling environment as the interval was drilled through a section of hard calcite stringers with strong dip tendency.  The section was completed without bit or tool damage  

The 9 ½ IPDTTM was also used successfully in the RSS LWD BHA’s to drill the 12 ¼ tangent through the chalk on the Ula A13 NFI in one run, as well as a 2601m tangent section on the Ula A7D SCP well. 

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