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Successful Operation of SureLog iPZIG™ in Tight Oil

Wallingford, CT, USA –

APS Technology, Inc., has successfully delivered the iPZIG geologic steering service on a well in June, 2020. This horizontal well had a designed depth of 2,880 meters and used a water-base mud system. APS provided iPZIG azimuthal gamma ray and near bit inclination information for the successful geosteering of the well. For fast and accurate decoding APS deployed the ADSTM, Advanced Decoding System on this well. The iPZIG at bit sub and the entire APS MWD tool string performed and decoded well during the entire run. The iPZIG gamma ray image was of high quality and, according to company geologist Mr. Zhai, “The iPZIG image log provided excellent correlation within the target reservoir.” The at bit dynamic inclination data from iPZIG was very accurate and, combined with the azimuthal gamma ray images, supplied information for quick real-time steering decisions for reliable well path adjustments.

After one run the objective for this well was accomplished, the drilling footage of the horizontal section was more than 700 meters and the wellbore was accurately placed in target B. The drilling speed was up to 1-2 min/m. The equipment was in operation for total of 117 hours during the run without incident. After the run the bottom hole assembly was pulled out of the hole and the memory data downloaded. System checks indicated normal operation throughout the run with significant battery life remaining on both the MWD and iPZIG sensors.  

Accurate well placement and efficient MWD operations using the iPZIG service have provided a cost-effective solution for the customer. The successful operation on this well has laid a solid foundation for APS Technology to open the tight oil services market in China with the iPZIG service.

Operator goal for this well was to identify top of reservoir in the lateral section and then drop back into the target zone. Real-time data from the APS iPZIG proved instrumental in achieving this goal.

Figure - iPZIG log.  Track one, real-time data display of tool temperature (magenta), API gamma ray at bit from iPZIG (blue) and standard APS API gamma ray (green) with ROP (red). Track two, real-time iPZIG 8 bin image with top bin gamma ray (blue) and bottom bin gamma ray (green) data overlain. Track three, TVD (green) and dynamic (red) static (green) iPZIG at bit inclination data with APS standard inclination (blue). Track four, 16 bin iPZIG gamma ray image data from memory. Track five, directional surveys.


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