Are your rotary steerable tools performing at optimal performance?
Read our latest white paper about the primary operational differences and similarities of push-the-bit tools by Thomas M. Bryant of APS.

Technical Data Sheets, Service Focus Sheets & Brochures

SureShot™ MWD System Technical Data Sheets
SureShot-MP Mud Pulse MWD SystemRev. 151229-vC.02Rev. 150107-vC.01Rev. 160621-vB.06Rev. 150107-vB.06
SureShot-MP Rotary PulserRev. 151229-vE.01Rev. 140828-vE-01Rev. 160621-vC.02Rev. 140425-vC.02
SureShot-EM EM Telemetry MWD SystemRev. 160127-vB.01   
SureShot-DDS-VMM Digital Directional SensorRev. 160307-vC.01 Rev. 140828-vB.01  
SureShot-Gamma MWD Gamma SensorRev. 160127-vD.01Rev. 150107-vC.03Rev. 160621-vC.03Rev. 150107-vC.03
Turbine AlternatorRev. 160713-vC.01Rev. 140828-vB.04Rev. 160621-vB.04Rev. 140428-vB.04
SureShot-PWD Pressure While Drilling SensorRev. 160127-vD.01Rev. 140828-vC.02Rev. 160621-vC.02Rev. 140422-vC.02
SureShot-VMM™ Vibration Memory ModuleRev. 160307-vC.01Rev. 140828-vB.01Rev. 160621-vC.02 
SureShot Surface Systems & ComponentsRev. 160127-vC.01Rev. 140828-vB-04Rev. 160621-vB.04Rev. 140428-vB.04
SureShot-SSCC™ Control Center SoftwareRev. 160127-vC.01Rev. 140828-vB-01Rev. 160621-vB.01 
SureShot-APSPlot™ Log Plotting SoftwareRev. 160127-vBRev. 140828-vA-03Rev. 160621-vA.03 
SureLog™ LWD System Technical Data Sheets
SureLog-iPZIGRev. 180510-vA.01   
SureLog-iDNSCRev. 20180510vA.02   
SureLog-WPR Wave Propagation Resistivity SubRev. 160204-vD.01Rev. 140828-vC.05Rev. 160621-vD.01Rev. 140604-vC.05
SureLog-WPR-PWD Pressure While Drilling SensorRev. 160204-vB Rev. 140828-vA.01  
SureLog-iPCD Integrated Porosity, Caliper & Density SubRev. 160204-vA.01   
SureLog-FWS Full-wave Sonic ToolRev. 160204-vA.02   
SureLog-AZG Azimuthal Gamma Ray SensorRev. 160407-vA.02   
SureSteer™ Drilling System Technical Data Sheets
SureSteer-RSM® Rotary Steerable MotorRev. 160412-vD.02Rev. 140828-vC.04Rev. 160621-vC.04Rev. 140425-vC.04
SureSteer-RSS™ Rotary Steerable SystemRev. 160412-vA.02   
SureDrill™ Drilling Optimization & Vibration Management Product Technical Data Sheets
SureDrill-IPDT™ Intelligent Performance Drilling ToolRev. 160524-vD.02Rev. 140828-vC.06  
SureDrill-DDM™ Drilling Dynamics MonitorRev. 160401-vDRev. 140828-vC.04  
SureDrill-VMS™ Vibration Memory SubRev. 160413-vCRev. 140828-vB.02  
SureDrill-Apps Optimizer Real-time Drilling Optimization ServiceRev. 150527-vA.03Rev. 140828-vA.02  
SureDrill-Apps WellDrill™ Analytical SoftwareRev. 160418-vCRev. 140828-vB.02 Rev. 140428-vB.02
Other APS Products
Non-metallic Modular OvensRev. 160502-vDRev. 140828-vC.02  
VacOil™ Hydraulic Oil De-airing and Filling SystemsRev. 160517-vCRev. 140828-vB.02  
MWD Vibration IsolatorsRev. 160606-vCRev. 140828-vB.02  
Handling Cart for Downhole SubsRev. 160517-vCRev. 140828-vB.02  
Performance Seals & Sealing SystemsRev. 160822-vDRev. 140828-vB.02  
APS Brochures
APS Company ProfileRev. 151117-vC.07Rev. 151117-vC.07Rev. 160621-vC.03Rev. 151117-vC.05
Advanced LWD Systems – Triple & Quad Combo LWD1604-v2   
SureDrill Drilling Optimization1511   
Precision CNC Machining1506   
APS Service Focus Sheets
Drilling Test FacilityRev. 150225-vD.04   
Manufacturing ServicesRev. 131030-vB.02   
Metallic Rapid Prototype FacilityRev. 141020-vA   
Support ServicesRev. 131030-vB.02   
Design Engineering ServicesRev. 131030-vB.02   
Analysis ServicesRev. 131030-vB.02   
ToolJoint™Rev. 131030-vB.02Rev. 140828-vB.02  
Materials Analysis LabRev. 141020-vA    

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