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Design & Engineering

Our Team Has Decades of Experience
in MWD/LWD Systems Operation

APS engineers, technicians, tool makers and machinists have decades of experience in MWD/LWD systems and a passion for developing solutions to complex drilling challenges. From concept to product completion, training, qualification, field test, production, maintenance and advanced interpretation services.

Our engineering lab is fully equipped to build any downhole or surface assembly to meet customer needs. Additionally,we offer customer training for rigsite drillstring assembly, tool configuration and data retrieval, tool operation in-hole, and surface system operation.

Design and Engineering
Design and Engineering

Design Engineering Services

  • Conceptual and feasibility studies
  • Product development
  • Product improvement and optimization
    • Cost reduction
    • Reliability improvement
  • Project management
  • Test equipment and facilities

Design Engineering Project Examples

  • Complete turnkey design, analysis and manufacturing of:
    • Oilfield drilling, sensors and telemetry equipment
    • Rig floor data acquisition systems
    • Heat sinks and thermoelectric cooling devices
    • Shock and vibration isolation and suppression components
    • Sealing systems for high temperature and pressure
    • Turbines and driven equipment
    • Custom inspection, assembly and testing equipment
  • Project management between multiple customer groups and/or vendors
  • Rapid prototyping of pre-production components and systems

Design Engineering Tools

  • Solid modeling/drawing
    • SolidWorks
    • AutoCAD
    • Autodesk Inventor
    • Autodesk Mechanical Desktop
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
    • ANSYS
  • Kinematics and animation
    • Dynamic Designer
  • Schematic capture
    • OrCAD PCB Designer
    • Mentor Graphics PADS
  • PCB layout
    • OrCAD PCB Designer
    • Mentor Graphics PADS

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