How can RSS bring your independent drilling operation to the next level?
Denis Biglin, Executive Vice President at APS Technologies discusses the advantages of integrating APS SureSteer technology to the independent drillers tool string.

Assembly, Inspection and Testing

Assembly, Inspection & Testing Services

APS has a highly experienced Quality Engineering and Inspection staff. Contract assembly and testing services are available.

Quality Inspection Equipment

  • 8-ft, 6-axis FARO Platinum Portable CMM
  • 4 x 8 ft Starrett Surface Plate
  • 14 in. Mitutoyo Optical Comparator
  • 0.098 x 48 in. Fiber Optic Boroscope
  • Gage block sets; plus/minus pin sets, bore gages, height indicators
  • Standard metric, Acme and API thread gages
  • Wilson Rockwell hardness tester
Support Helm

Testing Services

  • Vertical test facility
  • 750 gpm, 1,000 psi flow loop: Caterpillar 3412 850 hp engine; National Oilwell 7P50 Triplex pump
  • Pressure testing to 27,500 psi to 200° C
  • Non-magnetic D&I sensor calibration facility and Helmholtz coil
  • Electrodynamic shaker table / oven
  • HALT / HASS chambers
  • 200° C non-conductive sub oven
  • Resistivity test tank
  • Strain gauge instrumentation, load testing
  • Torsional, axial and lateral strain calibration
  • Shock testing to 1,000 g
  • Lateral and torsional (stick-slip) testing of sensor assemblies
  • Bending and rotating fatigue testing of drill string components
  • Dynamometer testing to 8,000 rpm, 70 HP
  • Fatigue life testing
  • Ultrasonic and LPI inspection
  • Helium leak and vacuum testing
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