Are your rotary steerable tools performing at optimal performance?
Read our latest white paper about the primary operational differences and similarities of push-the-bit tools by Thomas M. Bryant of APS.

Assembly, Inspection and Testing

Assembly, Inspection & Testing Services

APS has a highly experienced Quality Engineering and Inspection staff. Contract assembly and testing services are available.

Quality Inspection Equipment

  • 8-ft, 6-axis FARO Platinum Portable CMM
  • 4 x 8 ft Starrett Surface Plate
  • 14 in. Mitutoyo Optical Comparator
  • 0.098 x 48 in. Fiber Optic Boroscope
  • Gage block sets; plus/minus pin sets, bore gages, height indicators
  • Standard metric, Acme and API thread gages
  • Wilson Rockwell hardness tester
Support Helm

Testing Services

  • Vertical test facility
  • 750 gpm, 1,000 psi flow loop: Caterpillar 3412 850 hp engine; National Oilwell 7P50 Triplex pump
  • Pressure testing to 27,500 psi to 200° C
  • Non-magnetic D&I sensor calibration facility and Helmholtz coil
  • Electrodynamic shaker table / oven
  • HALT / HASS chambers
  • 200° C non-conductive sub oven
  • Resistivity test tank
  • Strain gauge instrumentation, load testing
  • Torsional, axial and lateral strain calibration
  • Shock testing to 1,000 g
  • Lateral and torsional (stick-slip) testing of sensor assemblies
  • Bending and rotating fatigue testing of drill string components
  • Dynamometer testing to 8,000 rpm, 70 HP
  • Fatigue life testing
  • Ultrasonic and LPI inspection
  • Helium leak and vacuum testing
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