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Rotary Steerable System for Directional Drilling

A versatile Steerable solution for maximum build rate

Rotary Steerable System for Directional Drilling

The SureSteer™-RSS™475 rotary steerable tool was created to complement APS’s field-proven Rotary Steerable Motor (RSM®). Whereas the RSM incorporates an integrated power section designed to maximize horsepower at the bit, the RSS either runs below a drilling motor or is driven directly from the top drive to maximize build rate capability and drillstring speed.

SureSteer RSS
The APS RSS is a modular design and is currently offered in two configurations; A 4.75” directional gamma RSS system utilizing a single collar assembly or a 2 part configuration for RSS with WPR, or higher LWD capability

Features & Benefits

  • Can be programmed to use a closed-loop feedback system for vertical or tangent angle control, or to operate with surface-supplied instructions to efficiently drill any directional well plan.
  • Easily programmable downhole and straightforward to use. A series of timed pump speed changes allow for switching between modes or turning the tool off for events such as wiper trips, drilling out or back-reaming.
  • Desired tool face on the initial unit is set by surface orientation (similar to a steerable motor), minimizing time required for downlinking.
  • Desired build rate is communicated with timed pump speed changes.
  • Can be directly linked to an APS MWD or LWD system for higher-level, comprehensive trajectory control, depending on the deployment method.
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  • Available tool sizes: 4.75 in. (121 mm) OD for 6.0 in. (152.4 mm) and 6.75 in. (171 mm) boreholes sizes.
  • The steering head houses the steering pads; directional measurement and control electronics; and the electrical and hydraulic power systems, which are driven by an integrated turbine and alternator system.
  • The control electronics provide timing signals to a hydraulic manifold to control the steering direction and force to achieve the desired directional objective.
SureSteer Cutaway


  • Maximize build rate and drillstring speed during directional drilling

Tool Specifications

SureSteer-RSS Technical Data Sheet

General Specs

General Specifications

 Nominal Hole Size6.0 in. (152.4 mm)6.75 in. (171 mm)
ABit Box to Center of Steering Pad1.4 ft (0.4 m)
BBit Box to Center of Sleeve Stabilizer9.3 ft (2.8 m)
COverall Length including Pulser32.4 ft (9.9 m)
 Steering Pad Dia. – Retracted5.9 in. (149.9 mm)
 Steering Pad Dia. – Extended6.6 in. (167.4 mm)7.0 in. (177.8 mm)
DSteering Pad Upset Dia.5.75 in. (146 mm)
ESleeve Stabilizer Dia.5.9375 in. (150.8 mm)6.6875 in. (169.9 mm)
 Bottom Connection3-1/2 in. API REG box
 Top Connection – Standard, Housing3-1/2 in. IF box
Flow Rate150 to 350 gpm (9.5 to 22 l/sec)
Maximum Drill String Rotation Speed200 RPM
Maximum Operating Torque9,700 ft-lbs (13,150 N-m)
Pressure Drop200 psi @ 350 gpm (1.4 MPa @ 22 l/sec)
Build Rate CapabilityTo 12˚/100 ft (30 m)
Maximum Temperature302˚F (150˚C)
Maximum Pressure20,000 psi (137.9 MPa)
Maximum Bend Radius – Rotating15˚/100 ft
Maximum Bend Radius – Sliding21˚/100 ft

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