APS Technology
Rotary Pulser
The toughest, most reliable pulser in the industry.
Vibration Management
Vibration Prediction, Measurement and Control
MWD/LWD Downhole, Surface and Software
Drilling & Optimization
Drilling Optimization: Rotary Steerables, Pressure and Dynamics

Welcome to APS Technology

APS Technology has assembled the most experienced independent oilfield technology development team in the world. APS creates the world's most innovative and reliable off-the-shelf and custom electromechanical, instrumentation, sensor and software designs for downhole and surface applications. Our product families include MWD/LWD, Vibration Management, Drilling & Optimization and Answer Products.

We welcome you to visit our headquarters in central Connecticut, the birthplace of the commercial MWD industry, and tour our extensive design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing facilities. Please contact APS today and see what we can do to help your business.