Vibration Memory Sub for Drilling Optimization


The SureDrill™ Vibration Memory Sub (VMS™) is a standalone downhole tool that measures, calculates and records axial, lateral and angular down-hole vibrations for retrieval and analysis at the surface. The VMS allows operators to assess the severity of downhole drilling shock and vibration, including stick-slip and whirl, and correlate the data to drilling events and equipment performance or failures.


Characterize downhole conditions for future BHA planning

Post-well analysis of equipment failures

Provide evidence for use in warranty claim resolution

Calculated Vibration Data

Every 20 seconds, the microprocessor calculates and stores:

  • Maximum lateral acceleration – vector sum of X- and Y-accelerometer measurements
  • RMS lateral acceleration
  • Maximum half-second RMS lateral acceleration
  • Maximum axial vibration – from z-accelerometer
  • RMS axial acceleration
  • Maximum half-second RMS axial acceleration
  • Maximum and minimum angular speed (RPM)
  • Stick-slip ratio and other rotational parameters
  • Absolute date and time

Features & Benefits

  • Downhole vibration measurements are stamped by date and time for correlation with other data.

  • Provides data in the form of ASCII text files which can analyzed by APS’s Vibration Data Viewer software or your own analysis software.

  • 32 MB of memory; record up to ~250 hours of continuous data.

  • Data is easily retrieved by accessing the data dump port on the sub and connecting it through an Interface Box to PC-based software that converts the stored data to a text file with acceleration levels as a function of real time.


  • Available sizes: 4.75 in. (121 mm), 6.75 in. (172 mm) and 8.00 in. (203 mm) O.D.

  • Sonde-based tool with standard box and pin connections.

  • Sonde-based design allows tool to be scaled up or down easily for use with other drill collar sizes.

  • Vibration measurements are made using ± 120 g (lateral) and ± 60 g (axial) accelerometers, plus one fluxgate magnetometer rotation sensor.