LWD Integrated Porosity, Caliper & Density Sub

SureLog-iPCD™ – Enables “Triple Combo” LWD

APS’s iPCD™ (integrated Porosity, acoustic Caliper and Density) sub adds neutron porosity and litho-density measurements to the SureLog™ LWD platform. This capability enables extended formation evaluation measurements from a single additional sensor sub.

The iPCD is a cost-competitive, reliable formation evaluation logging tool that provides the basic functionality for customers to deliver “Triple Combo” services which, until now, have been restricted to the major service companies. When used in combination with natural gamma and resistivity logs, the logs produced by these new sensors provide a timely and useful estimate of the porosity and water saturation for each reservoir formation, typically before significant invasion.


Characterize formation porosity and lithology while drilling

Structural/stratigraphic dip analysis

Borehole breakout analysis

APS will assist customers with the infrastructure planning and procurement of equipment required for safe and compliant handling of nuclear source materials. Establishing and complying with proper procedures is essential to ensure the safety and protection of affected personnel and the environment. Please see the iPCD TDS (PDF) or contact us for more information.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides real-time bulk density (Δρ or “delta rho”) and neutron porosity (Φn) data to characterize formation porosity and lithology while drilling.

  • All nuclear measurements are borehole compensated using the standoff data provided by a novel acoustic caliper.

  • Density sensor provides user-configurable formation imaging data with 4 or more sectors in real time and 24 sectors from memory.

  • High-resolution images allow for structural/stratigraphic dip analysis.

  • Photoelectric factor (Pe) data is stored in memory.

  • All measurements include quality factors and standard log data.

  • Includes all of the software tools needed for modeling, testing, calibration and borehole correction calculations.

  • Enable “Triple Combo” with the addition of our Full-wave Sonic sensor.


  • Available tool sizes: 4.75 in. (121 mm), 6.75 in. (172 mm) and 8.0 in. (204 mm)

  • An array of rugged acoustic transducers provides a borehole shape/diameter log, permitting borehole breakout analysis.

  • One set of transducers is aligned with the density neutron detectors for accurate realtime standoff measurement.