Rotary Pulser

Rotary Pulser

Fixed-mount or Retrievable Positive Mud Pulse Transmitter

  • MWD/LWD Sensors, Telemetry & Surface Systems

APS Technology's patented Rotary Pulser* is the toughest, most advanced mud pulse transmitter in the industry. Our Rotary Pulser chews through LCM content which would choke any other pulser, over a wide range of mud weights and conditions.

Fixed-mount Rotary Pulser and Retrievable Pulser MWD Rotary Pulser

APS's commitment to continuous improvement has increased reliability and decreased power consumption in our pulser. Recent improvements include an ultra-reliable, high-efficiency DC brushless motor and controller which can run thousands of hours without a failure. The motor/controller combo is 30% more efficient when pulsing and consumes 1/3 the quiescent power of the previous generation. Other improvements include more durable shafts and seals, and better serviceability.

The APS Rotary Pulser is designed to operate with batteries or with the APS Turbine Alternator. It offers a reliable, economical alternative to pulsers from other OEMs. Crossovers to other popular MWD systems are available, or can be custom-designed. All materials are highly wear-resistant to provide exceptional reliability and service life in demanding drilling environments.

Features Advantages Benefits
New DC brushless motor
  • Increased reliability
  • Improved power consumption
  • Improved MTBF
  • Works with 8 DD cell (28v) and 10 DD cell (36v) systems
Oscillating rotary motion
  • Self-clearing
  • Low shaft speed
  • Reliable operation with high LCM concentrations
  • Improved seal reliability / life
Open flow path
  • No screens to plug
  • Enhanced reliability in wells with poor solids control
Direct-drive magnetic coupling
  • Rugged drive train
  • No rotating seals in mud
  • Enhanced service reliability
  • Reduced service cost
Tungsten carbide flow surfaces
  • Superior fluid erosion properties
  • Extended component life
  • Reduced service cost
Adjustable pulse width and magnitude
  • Adaptable to all flow rates, depths and mud weights
  • Extends the range of reliable operation
Wide range of pulser sizes for 3.125 in. (79 mm) to 9.5 in. (241 mm) or larger BHAs
  • Easily convertible between sizes, and between fixed-mount or retrievable configurations
  • Reliable operation in any hole size
  • Reduced inventory
Retrievable or fixed-mount options
  • Basic design and construction are consistent without regard to configurations
  • Adaptable to fit customer needs
  • Reliable service in all configurations
APS Rotary Pulser Schematics
  • * U.S. Patents #6,714,138 and #7,327,634
  • U.S. Patent #7,201,239

Download the Rotary Pulser TDS to view detailed Product Specifications.

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