MWD Pressure While Drilling Sensor


APS’s MWD Pressure While Drilling (PWD) sensor measures annular and drill pipe pressures in all collar sizes. Captured data may be transmitted in real time via APS’s SureShot™ MWD/LWD system, or stored in downhole memory for later download and analysis. Real-time data or pressure alarms may be transmitted via SureShot.


Managing downhole pressures

Maintaining formation and borehole integrity

Managing hydraulics programs

Supporting early detection programs

Features & Benefits

  • Measurement and real-time monitoring of hydrostatic and dynamic circulating fluid pressures supports balanced, managed pressure drilling (MPD) and underbalanced drilling (UBD).

  • Real-time annular and bore pressure measurements help assess the optimum pressures required within narrow fracture and pore pressure windows.

  • Real-time determination of equivalent circulating density (ECD) for hole cleaning, swab and surge pressures for borehole stability, plus BHA pressure loss.

  • Timely annular, bore and differential pressure readings facilitate early detection of fluid influx and lost circulation.