Mud Pulse Telemetry MWD System


APS’s SureShot™ mud pulse family of directional and directional plus gamma systems provides reliable and flexible Measurement While Drilling (MWD) performance in combination with our second-generation Rotary Pulser – the toughest top-mounted pulser in the industry. This MWD system provides highly accurate azimuth and inclination data for all applications, from straight-hole through horizontal drilling. Rapid and accurate toolface transmission enables the most complex well paths to be drilled with confidence.

APS also offers an EM Telemetry-based MWD system, which uses the same flow subs and is a drop-in alternative for the mud pulse transmitter.


Straight-hole drilling

Horizontal drilling

Any well profile

Water- or oil-based drilling fluid

Highly LCM tolerant

The mud pulse MWD system’s downhole portion includes a rugged directional sensor package with NIST-traceable magnetometer calibration; a reliable, field-proven Rotary Pulser*; and battery and/or turbine alternator for power. SureShot’s modular design allows for the addition of other functions such as high-quality gamma and/or vibration logging.

Features & Benefits

  • Built around the toughest, most advanced, most LCM-tolerant mud pulse transmitter in the industry.

  • Our highly reliable Rotary Pulser converts easily from fixed-mount to retrievable, providing fixed-mount reliability or retrievable lost-in-hole security.

  • Stores up to 32 MB of MWD/LWD and diagnostic data for retrieval during trips or for post-run processing.

  • Additional sensors including gamma, vibration monitoring and resistivity can be quickly enabled or incorporated into our “LWD-ready” system.

  • Data is presented in a simple, user-friendly control and display module; it is transferred to a central control PC, from which it can be directed back to a dedicated wireless rig-floor display and/or rig
    monitoring system.

  • Multiple encoding schemes and advanced decoding enable rapid customization of the data stream for maximum speed or maximum data integrity.

  • APS's unique power management module enables the system to be powered through dual battery packs or a combination of battery power and APS turbine alternator.


  • Each package is protected by a state-of-the-art vibration isolation system and is mounted in ToughMet™ or high-strength steel pressure barrels.

  • A small, robust surface decoder interfaces with a computer running APS’s SureShot Control Center (SureShot-SSCC™) software.