MWD Vibration Isolators

APS provides best-in-class MWD Vibration isolation systems. Our patented isolators offer exceptional reliability and low cost of ownership. These systems effectively protect sensitive MWD components from damaging shocks.

Our customers tell us that, “APS vibration isolators outlast the OEM isolators by more than a 4-to-1 margin,” and that they “have never had to replace a failed APS isolator.”

APS also designs and manufactures custom suspension systems for collar- or sonde-mounted tools. Optional elastomers and custom geometry are available for high-temperature and unique applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Support large axial and torsional loads with minimum deflections.

  • Effectively reduce axial, torsional and lateral shocks, substantially improving reliability and reducing component replacement costs compared to the OEM snubbers.

  • Patented design for improved reliability, long component life and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Protects sensitive electronics.

  • Reliable wire connections and improved wiring reliability.

  • High resonant frequency – Not excited by the frequency of typical drilling excitations.

  • Great drop-in replacement for OEM snubbers, providing superior suspension for your assets.


  • Patented* opposing helical taper design does not require pins or keys and cannot come apart in service.

  • Elastomer-filled helical design with large metal/elastomer contact area resists de-bonding under load, provides excellent damping and electrically isolates the pin and body.

  • Elastomer is in compression under torsion or axial load – supports large torsional and axial loads with reduced deflection and wire flexure.

  • Higher-strength materials provide better durability under high shock loads.