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APS’s Craig Brown and Dan Burgess show you how the SureDrill-IPDT can substantially increase your drilling efficiency in the latest issue of Oilfield Technology.

475 RSS + WPR: Successful GeoSteering of Lateral Well Section In Western Siberia With SureSteer™-RSS™ Plus SureLog-WPR™ Resistivity Tools

Wallingford, CT, USA – August 08, 2017

APS Technology Inc. today announced the successful deployment of the SureSteer™-RSS™ 475 Rotary Steerable System with the SureLog-WPR™ Wave Propagation Resistivity sensor in Western Siberia. The directional staff drilled a re-entry well and, with the RSS475, was able to maintain the target inclination and azimuth in the lateral and, when needed, corrected the steering course of the wellbore in response to the real-time gamma and resistivity logs. Changing steering modes was accomplished with a mud flow based downlink with a greater than 95% success rate over the course of the job. The tool accumulated over 90 hours, and performed flawlessly during the entire run. This achievement marks another milestone for the SureSteer Product line and APS Technology’s firm commitment to enabling customers’ to geosteer autonomously.

APS Technology builds MWD/LWD and drilling systems for the independent directional drilling market. With over 700 WPR tools and a growing fleet of RSS tools in service worldwide, APS gives our customers the opportunity to compete for LWD and rotary steerable work previously handled almost exclusively by the major service companies. The SureSteer-RSS system is integrated with the SureLog–WPR LWD system into a package that provides real-time and memory LWD and directional data with transmitted feedback on RSS health and operational modes.

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APS Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of Measurement While Drilling (MWD); Logging While Drilling (LWD); Rotary Steerable Systems (RSS); Drilling Systems and Drilling Optimization and Vibration Management products for oil and gas drilling. APS has deep engineering expertise in the design, development and manufacture of oilfield electronic, mechanical, instrumentation, sensor and software products; shock and vibration isolation designs; stress analysis for static and rotating conditions; and mechanical and electronics analysis for harsh environments. APS's customers include all of the major integrated multinational oilfield service companies, service divisions of national oil companies, independent directional drilling companies, MWD service companies and oilfield companies engaged in non-drilling related services. APS also provides product development services and proprietary products to customers worldwide.

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