How can RSS bring your independent drilling operation to the next level?
Denis Biglin, Executive Vice President at APS Technologies discusses the advantages of integrating APS SureSteer technology to the independent drillers tool string.


MWD, LWD & Downhole Tool Rentals

APS rents a variety of MWD and LWD systems and downhole tools to:

  • Help you manage your peak demand without growing your MWD fleet.
  • Enable you to offer specialty value-added services like our Intelligent Performance Drilling Tool.

The APS Directional Gamma (DG) MWD Kit Box contains all of the MWD modules, support equipment and consumable spares required for your next job. This can be run as D-only, DG or with the addition of WPR subs and associated equipment, allowing you to deliver resistivity LWD service comparable to that supplied by the majors. Contact the nearest APS sales office today to learn how we can support your business with competitive quotes for our rentals.

DGMWD Kit box

Equipment sizes as per your well requirements all included.

  • APS Pulser Modules
  • APS Directional Modules*
  • APS Gamma Modules*
  • APS Surface Systems, Rig Floor Displays, Computers and Log Plotter (for Gamma)
  • APS Battery Modules
  • Complete Rig Support Tooling
  • Configuration Spares and Consumables
  • APS Flow (Hang-off) Subs

Wave Propagation Resistivity (WPR)

  • WPR sensor subs (in rugged shipping cradle)
  • BHA components to complement DGMWD tool

* All modules include APS interconnects with centralizers.

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